2021 Member Art and Poetry Book

The Forgotten River

Poetry and Visual Art about Nature and the Anacostia River selected by Hope Greenleaf, Thea Joselow, and Kim B. Miller

The Anacostia Swim Club is excited to announce publication of a 2021 member anthology of poetry and visual art. The Club is partnering with the non-profit Day Eight for publication and distribution of the anthology, which is funded through support from the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

Once one of the most-polluted rivers in the United States, through dogged effort, lawsuits, and investment, the Anacostia river may soon be swimmable. While still not clean enough to swim in, the goal of making the Anacostia swimmable by the end of this decade may be possible. To highlight the Anacostia river, its past pollution and ongoing cleanup, to look backward and forward at the human relationship to nature and the Anacostia river, we invited submission from poets and visual artists.

Member contributors to The Forgotten River include Naomi Ayala, Anne Becker, Robert Bettmann, Grace Cavalieri, Marlena Chertock, Kaleb Friend, Luther Jett, W. F. Lantry, Gregory Luce, Pacyinz Lyfoung, Susan Bucci Mockler, Susan Notar, Kathryn Sadakierski, Raymond Smith, Ori Z. Soltes, Marianne Szlyk, Ruth Trevarrow, and Sally Sazariya. Cover art for The Forgotten River is (c) Kaleb Friend.

“A lovely compendium of work that captures the enduring nature of the Anacostia river.” – Catherine Plume, Sierra Club DC Chapter Chair

“The perfect reminder of the critical work of DC residents, including Anacostia Swim Club members, to make the Anacostia river swimmable for humans and safe for our friends in nature.” – Devin Walker, musician & host of the Uncle Devin Show

“An illuminating and inspiring work” – Tykee James

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