Anacostia Swim Club:Membership

For Ourselves, and for our Families

A famous ecologist once write that the ultimate test of our epistemology is sustainability. Together we can create a sustainable and healthful environment for ourselves, and our children — a legacy of action and activity to be proud of.

Join the club to be part of all kinds of activities related to the local environment — from birding to cleanups, classes to collective action and advocacy campaigns.

Provisional members are approved through self-nomination. Current membership votes to consider permanent membership for provisional members, and those votes occur quarterly.

Membership Self Signup

The Anacostia Swim Club community includes people of all ages, faiths, and industries. Join us for exclusive member events including boat rides, bingo (virtual for now!), birding competitions, trivia, mixology, music classes, concerts, publishing opportunities, and more.

The Anacostia Swim Club was founded by a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Community Trust, supported by the DC Department of Energy and the Environment.