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The Swim Club Presents: Spiff Wiegand Jan 24 4pm

Enjoy a live stream show by Spiff Wiegand for the club Sunday January 24 4:00-4:45pm. RSVP and livestream on FB via the event here. Spiff Wiegand was born with two thumbs on his right hand in the beautiful state of Kentucky. The extra thumb was removed at age 4, though he remembers it fondly. Despite being […]

Verses Records presents Ardamus and Tristan Welch January 23 8pm

Join DC music label Verses Records Saturday January 23 8:00-8:45pm for a live stream edition (1st of 3) featuring bands on their label. The January 23 show will feature Ardamus (hiphop) and Tristan Welch (ambient guitar) and will be available via livestream at the FB event here. More info about the bands: Ardamus: Tristan […]